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18KARAT Collections


Twice a year 18KARAT launches a new seasonal collection, regarding nature as a constant muse. In 2015, I designed and photographed the company’s catalog and further developed the website to improve its information architecture and user experience. The art direction that was established for these collections was an assertive reformation of the company’s visual identity after it spent several seasons exploring an array of nonuniform style directions. Additionally, I wrote copy, managed the company’s social media assets, and produced all of the photography, including product images, lifestyle images, and brand stock images.

The previous site had also not been updated for over 3 years prior to my involvement and had an outdated and less intuitive structure. I redesigned its information architecture, by flattening the hierarchy and pulling pertinent product information to the surface, installed an on-site catalog browser, and refined its e-commerce features to optimize conversion. I also managed all promotional launches online, which includes designing and coordinating email campaigns to drive user action.

Role: Design, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography, Site Development

Design Director: Zoe Garred
Additional Styling: Jennifer Pettapiece, Jeannine Foley, Edie Gyorki

Tools: Photoshop, Indesign, HTML & CSS, Liquid
Date: 2013-2016




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