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EQ3 Furniture Catalogue


The annual EQ3 catalogue is one of the largest and most ambitious undertakings for the company’s Marketing Department as it sets the base tone and creative direction of all major marketing materials for the forthcoming year, and requires a significant collaborative effort with the Product Design, Merchandising, and Interior Design teams.

Once the creative direction is established, members from all creative teams work together to complete set designs, coordinate product delivery and shooting schedules. Designers from the marketing team (like me!) were on set to consult on art direction and ensure that images were properly executed for editorial layouts, while doubling as production assistants. As a photography hobbyist, I was particularly eager to be on set to learn from our in-house Photo Studio team.

Role: Design, Photography, Art Direction

Marketing Manager: Michael Fedun
Co-Designer: Catherine Delaquis
Production Manager: Rod Salm
Production Assistant: Kristine Dmytrak
Photographer: Tim Polnau

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
Date: 2004-2007

As the production budget grew tight, the accessories shoot was slated to be drastically cut. Not wanting to make this compromise, I took this opportunity to shoot the accessory spreads myself in a make-shift studio. This initiative led me to assume the role of product photographer for future capsule collections of new accessories, alleviating the studio’s workload so they could focus on our larger, high-production shoots. Consequently, I later became a regular art director for accessory shoots, working closely with a merchandising manager to execute seasonal marketing photos, which are allocated less budget in general and thus require a more agile approach and a “make-it-work” attitude.

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