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EQ3 Furniture Showrooms


EQ3 presented at High Point Market, one of the world’s largest furniture trade shows, twice a year. As part of the Palliser family, one of North America’s largest furniture manufacturers, the Marketing Department worked under the direction of the Product Design and Interior Design Teams to plan and execute installations in the largest showroom. This project was one of the most high-pressure and high-budget projects undertaken by the company’s in-house creative teams, requiring intensive planning, collaboration and execution in all areas.

The marketing team created and managed all graphic needs to add a finishing touch to these fantasy rooms, guided by seasonal style concepts such as Balinese Shangri-La, Mid-Century Modern and the French Riviera. Our work on these showrooms would then translate into seasonal marketing concepts and in-store displays, while demand of showroom graphics led to capsule product production for retailing to consumers.

Role: Design, illustration

Showroom Design/Merchandising Team: Maryte Klizs, Eric Martineau, Simon Chu, Debbie Golub, Nicole Marion, Gerrit De Vries, Jennifer Goreski, Wayne Tung

Marketing/Graphic Design Team: Michael Fedun, Catherine Delaquis, Andrea Toothill, Steven Coté, Rod Salm, Kristine Dmytrak

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
Date: 2004-2007


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