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EQ3 Room Builder app


The EQ3 Room Builder tablet app is a tool that can be used by customers, store consultants, and design professionals in the floor planning of interior spaces. A version of this product was launched online and in store as a design kiosk. This iteration adds another level of customization by incorporating a furniture configurator for products that come in multiple finishes and/or with variant components. This is an important aspect to highlight as EQ3’s 100+ styles of customization is one of their most significant market differentiators, and yet is challenging to sufficiently communicate in¬†static marketing assets.

While the Room Builder app would only be suitable as a tablet app, the product configurator component could be isolated and repackaged as a standalone mobile app that would help customers preview their customized upholstery products before making their personalized purchase order.

Role: Design, Concept, IA, UX

Tools: Illustrator, Indesign
Date: 2013


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